February 23, 2019


Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 was introduced in 1977.It was the most popular home video game system of the early 1980s. It was the first Video Computer System to hit... [LEARN MORE]

Atari 5200

The Atari 5200 Super System premiered in 1982. It was the successor to the Atari 2600. The 5200 offered improved graphics and several features not found... [LEARN MORE]

Atari 7800

The Atari 7800 was the follow up to Atari's 5200. The 7800 was developed in 1984 but wasn't sent to market until 1986, in order to compete with the Nintendo... [LEARN MORE]


The Lynx was Atari's portable game system that never quite made it. The Lynx was a powerful system that falls second only to the TG16 portable system.... [LEARN MORE]