February 23, 2019

Super Nintendo (SNES)

The Super Nintendo was one of the best 16-bit game systems on the market. There are lots of people still dedicated to the SNES, and most likely will still be in the future. Like the Nintendo, there are lots of games that people have fallen in love with. For this reason, people will always want to play SNES games. This is where emulators come into play. By using an emulator, you can still play all your favorite games without having to own the original system.

The emulators we selected to place in this all work quite well. ZSNES and SNES9x are both great emulators that play almost all the games available for the Super Nintendo. However, we prefer to use ESNES when we are playing our favorite games (SquareSoft games) because of its ability to save game states. ZSNES should be considered the best emulator available.