February 23, 2019

Nintendo Wii

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“Wii Move You”

November 19, 2006 Nintendo’s Seventh generation console was launched promising to change the way we look at gaming. While Sony and Microsoft were focusing on HD graphics and processing power, Nintendo was redesigning the controller to support motion-sensitive game play. Because of this the Nintendo console was much cheaper than the competition. The Wii also is 100% backwards compatible with the Nintendo Gamecube and offers a huge library of Virtual Console and WiiWare games via the Wii Shop Channel.

The Nintendo Wii was in such high demand after launch it became the number one most wanted item for Christmas 2006. Demand stayed very high throughout 2007 making it hard to find in stock and often bringing marked up prices for those lucky enough to get there hands on one. The Wii has sold over 99.38 million (as of December 31, 2012) units worldwide and is the first time Nintendo has been number one in home console sales since the Super Nintendo.

The Controller(s)

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Wii Remote
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Wii Nunchuk
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Sensor Bar
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Balance Board
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Classic Controller
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Other Add-On’s

The Wii Remote is the main motion control unit and can serve as a basic conventional controller when held sideways. The Wii Nunchuk can be plugged into the Wii remote to add analog joystick support, additional buttons as well as another motion device. These 2 units form the main controller for the Nintendo Wii. The Wii Sensor Bar sets on-top or under your T.V. and emits light that the Wii Remote picks up and uses to track motion. Since the light is coming from the Sensor Bar the remote can work with any type of T.V. set. Nintendo has released the Wii MotionPlus upgrade for the Wii Remote to allow the device to track motion more accurately and the new Wii Remote Plus controller that has MotionPlus built in. The Balance Board uses pressure sensors to track the body’s movement for fitness games like Wii Fit or sports games like Punch Out. Nintendo also made a Classic Controller That can be plugged into the Wii remote for virtual console titles as well as Wii games that prefer a standard controller. There are also many others add-ons for the controller such as gun body’s for shooting games, steering wheels for racing games and bats, tennis rackets and golf clubs for sports titles.

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