February 23, 2019

Sega Master System Games

The Challenge Will Always Be There.

Sega Master System Games


Standard Master System Game Complete.

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Up close with the Master System Cartridge.

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Master System Cartridge compared to Geneses Cartridge.

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Sega Card Game Complete

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Up close with the Sega Card

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The Sega Card compared to a Master System Cartridge

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Must Have Games for the Master System:

If you want to see game play footage of any of the games listed just click on the name to be whisked away to YouTube.

Wonder Boy: First game in the Wonder Boy series. Adventure Island is a clone of Wonder boy where everything is the same but the story and characters.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land: 2nd Game in the Wonder boy Series but the game play is nothing like the first game in the series. Monster Land is a Action Adventure / RPG game.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap: third game in the Wonder Boy series. This to me is the best Wonder Boy title and shouldn’t be missed. This is also one of the best games on the master system and I would go so far as to say one of the best third generation 8-bit games as well.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World: First game in the Alex Kidd series and considered by most to be the unofficial early Sega Mascot. Sega’s early answer to the Mario series is a platformer game where you can buy power-ups and vehicles to advance through the game. Also during some boss battles you play Paper, Rock, Scissors to beat them.

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars: 2nd game in the Alex Kidd Series. strays from the original Alex Kidd format and is more straight forward platformer where you progress through the stages from left to right.

Alex Kidd: High Tech World: 3rd game in the Alex Kid Series. Action / Adventure / Puzzle game.

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World: The Last game in the Alex Kidd series and the best one to boot. The game play is like a standard Alex Kidd game mixed with Sega’s Shinobi.

Phantasy Star: The first game in the Phantasy Star series. RPG made by Sega and the best early 8-bit RPG in North America. this game is a true masterpiece for 8-bit technology and showcases the power of the Master System.

Ys The Vanished Omens: The First RPG in the Y’s series and also the first RPG on the Master System. A great RPG with a different take on combat.

Golden Axe Warrior: Sega’s Action / Adventure Zelda clone based off the Golden axe franchise.

Fantasy Zone: Early SHMUP on the Master System. Don’t let the pastel cartoon looks fool you this is a true classic.

Asterix: Action / Adventure / Platformer for the Sega Master System.

Asterix and the Secret Mission: Another Action / Adventure game in the Asterix series.

Power Strike 2: Vertical scrolling SHMUP on the master system and the best shoot em up on the system. This is the Best SHMUP on 8 bit platform period. This title will amaze you seeing it run on the master system with no slowdown and no flickering at all. This game is very rare and hard to find.

R-Type: Classic SHMUP on the master system also one of the best SHMUPS on the system.

Shinobi: The game that started it all for the Shinobi series and a must have classic for the system. Side Scrolling Action game.

Rastan: Classic Side Scrolling Action game made by Taito.

Double Dragon: Double Dragon on the Master System is the best version of the game. It has 2 player in tact and looks amazing compared to the NES version.

Ninja Gaiden: Master System port of Ninja Gaiden. The Story is different in this version of Ninja Gaiden compared to the NES version but overall a great master system game.

Cloud Master: Side Scrolling SHMUP where you play as Mike Chen on a mission to learn the secrets of the 5 lands to become the CLOUD MASTER.

Sonic the Hedgehog: A lot like the Genesis / Mega Drive version but has different stages and well worth playing.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Another great Sonic game on the system.

Space Harrier: Great 8-bit port of the classic on rails arcade shooter.

Aerial Assault: Side Scrolling SHMUP that reminds me of a simplified version of Capcom’s UN Squadron (Area 88)

Golden Axe: Great port of the arcade game with amazing graphics on a 8-bit console.

Bubble Bobble: superior in every way to the NES port of the game. If you like Bubble Bobble and have a Master System you owe it to yourself to get this version.

Rainbow Islands: Part 2 to Bubble Bobble.

Out Run: Classic Sega arcade racing game ported to the Master System.

Master of Darkness: Sega’s answer to the ever popular Castlevania series on the NES. This game has excellent controls and unmatched graphics for a game of this type on a 8-bit system. I know I will get flamed for saying this but this game is better then the NES Castlevania games in my option. I highly recommend you try this game out if nothing else on a emulator before you say it cant come close to Castlevania because you might be surprised.

Psychic World: Very underrated game for the Master System, reminds me a lot of the Mega Man series.

Spellcaster: Action / Adventure game with RPG elements. The game also features a password save feature. Mystic Defender for the Geneses is the sequel to Spellcaster.

Golvellius: Valley of Doom: MSX RPG ported over to the Sega Master System that reminds me a lot of The Legend of Zelda game on the NES.

Kenseiden: Play through 16 Japanese provinces form the 16th century to reclaim the sword of the Dragon Lord. Action / Adventure / Platformer

Rambo: First Blood Part II: Overhead shoot ‘em up in the same fashion as Ikari Warriors. In Japan the game was called Ashura and in Europe it was called Secret Command due to not having the Rambo rights when published.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: 8 Bit port of the Genesis / Mega Drive title with redone stages. The Disney / Sega games are some of the very best platformers of the 8 and 16 bit days even rivaling Sonic and Mario games.

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse: Sega/ Disney sequel to Castle of Illusion. The main difference between Land of Illusion and Castle of Illusion is the inclusion of items that give Mickey new abilities. Once you have these items it is possible to back track into completed worlds and access new areas that Micky couldn’t before.

The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck: Is the 8 bit counterpart to QuackShot on the Genesis / Mega Drive! This is Donald’s first solo game on the Master System and once again made by Sega / Disney. Help Donald save Huey, Dewey, and Louie as well as get Uncle Scrooges Lucky Dime back form the evil Magica De Spell!

Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck: Sega / Disney sequel to lucky Dime Caper. Uncle Scrooge has returned from a recent treasure hunt but to his dismay has became cursed so its up to Donald to take the treasure back and break the curse to save uncle scrooge and save the day! This was one of the last Disney / Sega games for the Master System and it really shows off what the console could do. This is my favorite platformer for the console and shouldn’t be overlooked!

After Burner: Another classic Sega arcade game ported over to the Master System. The Sega arcade ports really showcases the console and shows how well Sega was at porting there famous arcade games over to a 8 bit system.

Zillion: zillion is a exploration adventure game where you kill robots while you search for key-cards and items to be able to access new areas of the game. Zillion is as close as you will get to finding a Metroid clone for the Master System.

Alien Syndrome: Early run and gun arcade game made by Sega! Rescue alien captured team mates to open the exit of the level and challenge the stages big bad!

Thunder Blade: Top-down / Third-person arcade shoot ‘em up made by Sega.

Choplifter: It is your mission to fly into enemy territory fighting tanks and planes to rescue hostages from war camps. Classic port of Segas arcade version of Choplifter.

Action Fighter: Overhead driving / flying action game much like Spy Hunter where you play as a Superbike, Formula One Race Car, Helicopter
and more.

Major Fun And Games!

Blue Label Games

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A lot of the Brazilian/South American TecToy games were released with a blue label and blue themed box. There are also some later released North American and European games with blue labels. Some titles have both a red and a blue label that’s because those games had a 2nd printing or a re-release and used the newer blue label on the 2nd run.


Can I Play PAL Games (European, and Brazilian) on my US NTSC Master System?

Yes, the Master System has no region locking of any kind and 99% of all Pal games will run fine on a NTSC Master System. I say 99% because there are a few games thats known to have issues and one I know of that don’t load at all.

Knows issues of Pal games on NTSC system:

Prince Of Persia
Occasional slight graphical glitches

Jungle Book
Occasional slight graphical glitches and jerky scrolling

Back to the Future III
Does not work at all. Game hangs.

Can I play Japanese SEGA SG1000/SC3000 / Mark III / Japanese Master System games on a US NTSC Master System?

No, The Mark III and Japanese Master System all have a bigger card slot that’s backwards compatible with the early SD-1000 card games. The Cartridge slot is a different size as well. Even if you had a Pin converter it would not work because of the systems Bios.